Fighting for climate justice

Hearse, Phil
Date Written:  2017-09-05
Publisher:  Leftunity
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX21261

Climate change is a key factor in oppression of the poor worldwide.



The UN's Human Cost of Weather Related Disasters, which covers the period 1995-2015, shows that in total, 6,457 weather-related disasters were recorded worldwide this period; these events claimed an astonishing 606,000 lives, an average of some 30,000 each year, with an additional 4.1 billion people injured, left homeless or in need of emergency assistance.

In other words, a significant majority of the world's population have suffered severe negative consequences as a result of weather-related disasters. Of the 606,000 deaths, 202,000 are put down to storms and a further 157,000 directly to flooding.

Weather disasters intensify and prolong already existing poverty, especially by destroying crops and making agricultural production more difficult or impossible. Repeated flooding is making some highly populated areas uninhabitable.

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