Racial and Cultural Conflict and the Law Project

Publisher:  Multicultural Education Club, Simon Fraser University, IDERA Resource Centr, Vancouver, Canada
Year Published:  1977  
Pages:  100pp  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX2119

Abstract:  This kit brings together primary documents, case histories, newspaper articles and commentary on the history of racism in B.C. It is intended for use in schools (a teacher's curriculum guide is also included) but will prove useful to anyone interested in the history of racism in B.C. from the province's early days to the present.

The history of discrimination against the Japanese and Chinese in B.C. from the nineteenth century when the British colonists wanted them for their labor but didn't want them to settle, is well covered as is the internment of Japanese Canadians in World War II.

Racially discriminatory laws by the B.C. government are discussed as are the events and conflict leading to the passing of these laws. Photocopies of legislative acts are included, and the various race riots in B.C. are described.

There is also a section on current immigration law, including a discussion of the arbitrary sections of the Immigrant Act which allow officials, on the basis of their own personal discriminatory attitudes, the leeway to deny a person entry to Canada.

Subject Headings

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