When Miners March

Blizzard, William C.; Harris, Wess ed.
Publisher:  PM Press
Year Published:  2010  
Pages:  408pp   ISBN:  978-1-60486-300-0
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX21177

Complete with previously unpublished family photos and documents, When Miners March is an extraordinary insiders account of the uprising by coal miners that defined the West Virginia Mine Wars of the 1920's.


Publisher's Description: In the first half of the 20th century, strikes and Union battles, murders and frame-ups, were common in every industrial center in the U.S. But none of these episodes compared in scope to the West Virginia Mine Wars.

The uprisings of coal miners that defined the Mine Wars of the 1920's were a direct result of the Draconian rule of the coal companies. The climax was the Battle of Blair Mountain, the largest open and armed rebellion in U.S. history. The Battle, and Union leader Bill Blizzard’s quest for justice, was only quelled when the U.S. Army brought guns, poison gas and aerial bombers to stop the 10,000 bandanna-clad miners who formed the spontaneous "Red Neck Army."
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