Venezuela on the Edge of Civil War

Pear, David W.
Date Written:  2017-07-25
Publisher:  Counterpunch
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX21127

Venezuela is a step closer to civil war after the July 20, 2017 "fake referendum" held by the government opposition, which resulted in a vote of "no confidence" for President Nicolas Maduro.



In 2009 there was initially hope that the newly elected President Barack Obama might change the Empire's aggressive foreign policy to one of accommodation. But while presidents come and go, the U.S. foreign policy objectives do not change. Obama turned out to be a willing neocon and neoliberal, and he went along with the deep state of the military-industrial complex, Wall Street bankers, big oil, big pharma, mainstream corporate media, oligarchs, spy agencies, political hacks, bureaucrats, and the 1% that really run the Empire.

In 2015 President Obama turned up the heat on Venezuela by imposing economic sanctions. To make the sanctions legal Obama had to declare that Venezuela is a national security threat to the U.S. Even Obama could not keep a straight face with that whopper. Unusually embarrassed, Obama mumbled that the U.S. was not really worried about an invasion from Venezuela, admitting that it was all a hoax to follow the letter of U.S. law, even though it violated the spirit of the law.

Venezuela was already suffering economically from the collapse of oil prices. Imposing economic sanctions was like kicking a person when down. That was exactly the idea. When the Empire wants to engineer a regime change, a cruel way is to make the people suffer so that they take out their frustration on the established government.

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