New Breed
Periodical profile published 1976

Publisher:  The Association of Metis and Non-status Indians of Saskatchewan, Regina, Canada
Year Published:  1976  
Pages:  30pp   Price:  $0.75  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX210

Monthly, new magazine to inform and educate native people in Saskatchewan about current events, history and tradition, and the local and national Indian scene.

Abstract:  This monthly Indian news magazine seeks primarily to inform and educate native people in Saskatchewan about current events, Indian history and tradition and the local and national Indian scene. One major article deals with the problem of low-income housing in Regina. The article describes a new approach that has been taken to this problem by the creation of the Regina Low-Income Housing Corporation. This new, citizen-run programme includes representation from the Regina Native Women's Association on its Board of Directors. In essence, this new programme by-passed the city government and deals directly with the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation in order to provide adequate low-income housing. So far, the Corporation has acquired 30 houses. It acts in two capacities: that of landlord and as a referral agency directing its tenants with various needs to the appropriate social service agency. Another article addressed itself to the urgent need for a better housing and health care programme for native peoples across Canada to combat the high rates of tuberculosis ("twenty times higher than the rate among the general population") and Ostostotum, a chronic lung disease. Another article entitled "Natives Emerging" commented on a one-day workshop in Indian-White relations sponsored by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Association. This article noted the attitudinal changes that native peoples are presently undergoing. They are becoming more assertive and determined to achieve a greater degree of control over their lives. A brief summary is given of the views of the three speakers: Professor Harvey McCue, assistant professor of Native studies at Trent University, Alberta Indian leader Harold Cardinal, and two representatives of the Northwest Territories Indian Brotherhood. In the section entitled "Native and Proud" an historical biography is presented on Anahareo, Indian wife of Grey Owl, and her contribution to the life and work of her husband.

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