Jean Paul Marat
Tribune of the French Revolution

Conner, Clifford D.

Publisher:  Pluto Press
Date Written:  01/05/2012
Year Published:  2012  
Pages:  192 pp   Price:  $22 (pbk.)   ISBN:  9780745331935
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX20987

Biography of Jean Paul Marat and his contributions to the French Revolution.


Publisher's Description:

Jean-Paul Marat's role in the French Revolution has long been a matter of controversy among historians. Often he has been portrayed as a violent, sociopathic demagogue. This biography challenges that interpretation and argues that without Marat’s contributions as an agitator, tactician, and strategist, the pivotal social transformation that the Revolution accomplished might well not have occurred.

Clifford D. Conner argues that what was unique about Marat - which set him apart from all other major figures of the Revolution, including Danton and Robespierre - was his total identification with the struggle of the propertyless classes for social equality.

This is an essential book for anyone interested in the history of the revolutionary period and the personalities that led it.


Table of Contents:

Introduction - The Phantom and the Historians
1. The Early Years
2. 1765-1789 -- The Physician and the Physicist
3. January 1789-June 1791 – From the Estates General to the King’s Flight
4. July 1791-September 1792 – From the Champs de Mars Massacre to the September Massacres
5. September 1792-July 1793 – From the Convention Elections to the Assassination
Conclusion - From the Cult of Marat to the Légende Noire and Beyond
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