Bolshevik Women

Clements, Barbara Evans
Publisher:  Cambridge University Press
Date Written:  01/08/1997
Year Published:  1997  
Pages:  356 pp   Price:  $72 (harcover)   ISBN:  9780521599207
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX20984

A history of the contributions of women to the Soviet Communist Party before 1921 in Russia.


Publisher's Description:

Bolshevik Women is a history of the women who joined the Soviet Communist Party before 1921. Drawing on a database of more than five hundred individuals as well as on intensive research into the lives of the most prominent female Bolsheviks, Barbara Clements tells the fascinating story of the female Reds who survived imprisonment, built bombs, led armies into battle, and struggled to survive under Stalin. The study argues that women were important members of the Communist Party during its formative years.


Table of Contents:

1. Becoming a revolutionary
2. The underground
3. The revolution
4. The civil war
5. The ruling class
6. Recessional.

Subject Headings

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