Report of the Task Force on High Risk Pregnancy

Publisher:  Toronto Department of Public Health, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1980
Pages:  131pp   Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX2097

The high number of women experiencing difficult pregnancies and deliveries, resulting in problems for the newborn infant, has been the subject of two recent reports prepared by the medical profession for the Provincial government. Recommendations in the reports that considerable sums of public monies be spent on costly technological medical report prepared by task force of the Toronto Department of Health.

Though the Task Force agrees with some of the proposals made by the medical profession, it was not satisfied with the emphasis on last minute intervention approaches to deal with the problem at the time of birth. The Task Force has recommended a preventative approach for reducing the number of high risk pregnancies. The Task Force presents an overall strategy for prevention containing the following elements: 1) preventing women from being at risk; 2) preventing certain high risk women from becoming pregnant; 3) identifying women at risk; 4) preventing pregnant women, especially high risk women, from developing problems; 5) treating obstetric and neonatal problems which require specialized and sophisticated medical attention.

The lowest priority of the Task Force is treatment, and its first priority is prevention. The Task Force claims that this strategy is not only preferable, but feasible and practical as well and that it has been amply demonstrated in the literature on high risk pregnancy.

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