Environmental and Occupational Health: A View from STOP

Publisher:  Mike Mackie, Save Tomorrow Oppose Pollution, Edmonton, Canada
Year Published:  1980
Pages:  9pp   Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX2088

Problems of the work environment and the environment in general are largely due to changes in production techniques that increase the amount of pollution per unit of goods produced.

The author states that this new technology has been in place mainly to conform to the imperatives of short-term economic gain. One of the chief effects of this technology is the increasing "chemicalization of industry".

The paper points out that most Canadians and the federal government define "lifestyle" as the major determinant of health. Accordingly, the present health care crisis can be blamed on the patients' lifestyles. The author argues that it is not lifestyle alone that has to been changed; the social, political and economic environment must also be changed.

The paper states that government, industry and medical associations are reacting to growing health problems by concentrating on the lifestyle approach. The author feels that these groups are evading their responsibilities and need to be challenged by public interest and other concerned groups.

Subject Headings

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