Life Support for Labor?

Schafer, Meredith
Date Written:  2015-01-01
Publisher:  Against the Current
Year Published:  2015
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20868

A review of the book "Save Our Unions: Dispatches from a Movement in Distress" written by Steve Early.



The debate over how to save the labor movement suffers from a serious deficit of books written by organizers. Rarely do we get an entire book by someone who has been organizing for four decades, and is still actively engaged with union members, staff and leaders. Steve Early's Save Our Unions doesn't suffer from the luxury of being a memoir, but it is chock full of rich first-hand experience, as well as research, interviews, book reviews and labor history, followed by 26 pages of meticulous endnotes.

Save Our Unions begins with stories of union reform battles beginning in the late 1960s, including the United Mine Workers upset election of 1972, the formation of Teamsters for a Democratic Union, and the PATCO air traffic controller strike that altered the legal environment for strikes in this country and was also an enormous missed opportunity for industrial action by several unions.
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