Grenfell Tower Fire: Corporate Manslaughter in London

Vaz, Ricardo
Date Written:  2017-06-20
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20838

A massive fire engulfed Grenfell Tower in the early hours of June 14th. Grenfell Tower is a 24-storey building of public housing flats in the North Kensington area of London. Over 600 people were believed to be inside the building and there are fears that the death toll, currently at 58, will rise to over a 100. This incident generated a wave of public anger over ignored safety warnings, an inadequate response from authorities, and most of all about the (housing) policies that safeguard corporate greed over the rights of the poor and working class, in this case their very lives. This was no accident – it was corporate manslaughter.

Subject Headings

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