Retired GM worker speaks on three years of the Flint water crisis

Porter, Lawrence
Date Written:  2017-04-27
Publisher:  World Socialist Website
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20683

The poisoning of the city of Flint continues three long years after the decision was made by politicians and financial speculators to switch city residents to Flint River water. As the world now knows, the corrosive Flint River water leached lead from the antiquated piping system into the homes of residents. Lead is a deadly neurotoxin. Because next to nothing has yet been done to fix the city’s infrastructure, even after the switch back to Detroit water, there is no safe water supply for thousands of residents.



Gladyes was especially angry about the recent report by the Michigan Civil Rights Commission, which charged that the cause of the water crisis in Flint was "racism."

"I hate the use of the race card," stated Gladyes emphatically. "If they can divide the working class, they can win. Snyder brought the Civil Rights Commission in here. They wore suits, got travel expenses, but what did Flint get? Nothing, only more division."

"Listen, white and black water faucets went out (of use) in the 1960s. When they say this is about color, no it isn't. Those who say that are not looking, they're blinking, they're not seeing. This is not about color, it's about harnessing and dividing a group a people. When you make them fight each other, then capitalism can just move right along and keep taking, taking and taking."

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