Rahul Pandita's New India: A Hindutva India On the Ashes Of Democratic Secular India

Islam, Shamsul
Date Written:  2017-04-21
Publisher:  Countercurrents
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20644

Shamsul Islam responds to the rise of the Hindutva in India and challenges their anti-Muslim propaganda.



A similar Hindutva frenzy is brazenly on view after BJP and its allies' clean sweep of 2017 UP assembly elections and subsequent installing of Mahant Yogi Adityanath as CM of the State. The RSS always claimed to be a cultural organization but Rakesh Sinha who goes around as an 'ideologue' of the RSS commenting on the UP victory wrote, that "RSS dominates India's politics". What he wanted to emphasise that though RSS had not contested the elections but it was Hindutva agenda of RSS which had won. Rahul Pandita's elation on Adityanath's crowning is to be read and believed. Some of the laudatory comments are worth noting: "After Yogi Adityanath was declared Uttar Pradesh's Chief Minister, his supporters and closet supporters have been arguing that he deserves a chance. That, he is getting already, whether some people like it or not. On social media, his supporters have mauled even right-wingers who have expressed their disagreement with this decision; they see Adityanath's shift from Gorakhpur to Lucknow as the new dawn of militant Hindutva."

Rahul Pandita is sure that despite Adityanath’s statement in "the Lok Sabha that his government will uphold law and order and that there will be no discrimination against anyone" there will be "an assertion on Hindutva lines even if he ensures that no communal riots break out in the state". The Hindutva assertion means "strict action against cow slaughter, while the sealing of some slaughterhouses is underway. The new government is allocating 25 acres of land for setting up a Ramayana museum in Ayodhya".

Rahul Pandita seems to have intimate knowledge of Hindutva mind-set of UP chief minister when he tells, "unlike his predecessors, Adityanath will have no use of the symbolism of skullcaps and chequered Arab scarves". Without taking any stand on anti-Muslim and anti-women ideas of UP CM Rahul Pandita goes to glorify him in the following words: "Those who stand in opposition to Adityanath may put up video clip after clip of his anti-Muslim and anti-women remarks on social media. But those who are happy with his ascension to UP's throne see this as a special attribute and not a handicap."

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