In India Any Social Activist Can Be Arrested, Charged And Tried - Sans Evidence - For Terrorism: Kobad Ghandy's Case - Part II - The Punjab Trial

Sahni, P.S.
Date Written:  2017-04-17
Publisher:  Countercurrents
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20637

In a follow-up to an article detailing how Delhi's legal system was able to detain Kobad Ghandy in Tihar Jail for engaging in supposedly communist activities, this article discusses a separate attempt to prosecute Ghandy for his social activism.



The case of the prosecution was that on 23 January, 2010 when Hardawinder Singh, PPS, DSP (Rural) along with police party was present near the main gate of Punjabi University, Patiala, he received a secret information that one person namely Kobad Ghandy "head of the activities of international, national parties"(sic) along with others from different cities were involved in unlawful activities against the country and government due to which the unity, security and sovereignty of the country were in danger. A case was registered and investigated. Statements of policemen and witnesses were recorded in January, 2010 to the effect that in the month of April/May 2009, when they went for walk on the grounds of Punjabi University then one person with shorn hair was addressing an assembly of unknown persons. In his speech he was exhorting the persons to help the Maoist Party as the main aim of the party was to dissolve the democratic government and to establish in its place the new democratic government of CPI (Maoist). During interrogation by Punjab Police on 22 February, 2010, Kobad Ghandy while lodged in Tihar Jail, Delhi allegedly admitted to delivering the agitated speech.

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