Ineffective divestment campaign should give way to direct corporate actions

Fillmore, Nick
Date Written:  2017-02-18
Publisher:  A Different Point of View
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20588

While runs a number of important campaigns, such as "Resist Trump's Climate Agenda" , there are serious questions about whether divestment campaigning is effective or whether it should be replaced by direct action campaigning.



Divest Dal works with the support of by far the largest group in the world involved in campaigning, and they have a lot of faith in’s leadership., which operates gofossilfree announced with considerable fanfare that the campaign urging institutions, mostly universities, churches, and pension funds to divest their endowment holdings in fossil fuels is working well.

Canadian organizer Cam Fenton wrote in an email: “In a matter of years it has grown from a student led campaign on a few campuses to something that is impacting some of the largest political and financial institutions on the planet.”

The website claims that “our movement is strong and the fossil fuel industry is fighting for its life.”

Whoa! Not so fast.

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