17 Reasons (or More) to Stop Charging People to Ride the Bus
The case for Fare-Free Transit

Olsen, Dave
Date Written:  2007-07-05
Publisher:  The Tyee
Year Published:  2007
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20572

The time has come to stop making people pay to take public transit. Why do we have any barriers to using buses, trolleys, SkyTrain? The threat of global warming is no longer in doubt. The hue and cry of the traffic jammed driver grows louder every commute.



Just seven years ago TransLink stated that their "market research" indicated that people wanted to pay when boarding the bus. But as Tania Wegwitz, senior transit planner in the Municipal Systems Program for BC Transit recently wrote: "Prepaid fares are better than cash fares, I don't think there is anyone -- passengers, municipalities, transit staff -- who would disagree with you."

Well, fare-free transit is simply the ultimate implementation of prepaid fares. We would prepay for all public transit through taxes, and then we'd ride for "free."

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