Final Report on Sub-committee on Race Relations

Publisher:  Toronto Board of Education, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1979  
Pages:  86pp  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX2052

Abstract:  This report discusses the problems of racism in the schools and sets out 115 recommendations for combatting the problem. It examines race relations in each of several areas: Curriculum, placement and assessment, racial incidents in the schools, extra-curricular activites, system sensitivity and in-service opportunities, employment/promotion, equal opportunity programming, and the responsibilities of other levels of government.

The report provides for students and their parents to be told clearly that schools will not tolerate racism. It proposes structure and techniques for individual schools and for the system as a whole to deal with students or staff members who indulge in racist behavior. It provides mechanisms for making as sure as possible that present and future staff, teaching and non-teaching are not racist, and that staff members understand that poitive attitudes toward people of other races and towards a multicultural society are essential to doing a good job in the schools. It also sets up guidelines for hiring practices to ensure that the staffat all levels is as racially diverse as possible. The report provides for a critical review of curriulum materials in order to identify racial bias, and for such materials to be withdrawn and replaced as soon as possible. It also call for the study of race and race relatins to be apart of every student's curriulum.

Subject Headings

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