Free Public Transit

Raudjarv, Revo
Date Written:  2015-01-01
Publisher:  Tallinna Televisioon
Year Published:  2015
Resource Type:  Film/Video
Cx Number:  CX20484

This video focuses on accessibility when it comes to public transit in Tallinn, Estonia and how transit issues intersect with social justice issues.



Public transit lies at the intersection of several critical social struggles today. Affordable (or free) public transit is an important mechanism for redistribution, and particularly targets low income women and people of colour. A central component of public policies to address climate change must be mass expenditures on public transit to reduce reliance on private cars and fossil fuels. Mass transit also enables an increase in the density and livability of cities. And public transit that is free and available as a social right is a core demand to decommodify everyday life in opposition to endless consumerism. Transit justice is, then, a crucial aspect of social justice today, and should be a fundamental part of the political programme of progressives and socialists. The struggle for the extension of free and accessible public transit rubs directly against neoliberal policies, and raises the vision of alternate production and provision essential to anti-capitalist politics.

Subject Headings

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