We shouldn't weep for broke but lying mainstream media

Fillmore, Nick

Publisher:  A Different Point of View
Date Written:  28/01/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20416

A report from the Public Policy Forum of Montreal released on January 26 says the Canadian news industry "is reaching a crisis point as the decline of traditional media, fragmentation of audiences and the rise of fake news pose a growing threat to the health of our democracy." Whereas the 1970 report was entitled "The Uncertain Mirror", the new appeal for support is called "The Shattered Mirror."



Greenspon has the nerve to write that Canada needs mainstream media to protect democracy. In reality, mainstream media has a corporate and conservative bias that began with the introduction of neo-liberalism in the early 1980s. All but one Canadian daily endorsed the election of Stephen Harper, who headed the most right-wing government in modern times. He also says the mainstream needs support to help weed out "false news", hinting it comes from places such as Google and Facebook. Yes, false news is a problem, but there’s also the fact that mainstream media produced stories that are seriously biased. It also ignores whole groups in society.

What will happen to Greenspon’s 100-page appeal? It will be one of several salvos that will help slide the federal government toward providing some kind of support that is publicly acceptable. But there’s a warning buried deep in the report. Pollster Allan Gregg says that a majority of people polled in connection with the Public Policy Forum report are dead-set against taxpayers propping up the media industry.

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