A Short History of Liberal Myths and Anti-Labor Politics

Mitrani, Sam; Pearson, Chad
Date Written:  2017-01-24
Publisher:  Counterpunch
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20401

A history of how labour and working-class groups have been alienated or disserviced by the major US political parties, particularly by liberal policies which are primarily aligned with business interests.



So when and how have workers been able to improve their situation? When they have mobilized enough to push the balance of power in their favor and force businesses and a layer of the politicians who serve them to pass some reforms. In other words, it is a question of the balance of power, not of whether there is a liberal mayor, governor, or president in office.


Defending the interests of business today means going against the interests of the rest of us. The Democratic Party, including its most liberal wing, argues that helping the poor, assuring a decent education for all children, and creating jobs will help everyone - and somehow this can be accomplished without challenging the fundamental interests of business. That is simply not true. Business needs the money that should go to these services to keep its financial bubbles inflated. Employers cannot hire all the educated people we have today - why would they want more educated people? Businesses make huge profits from health care - why would they want to give those profits up? To address any of these problems means challenging the basic interests of the capitalists.

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