Health Dangers of the Nuclear Fuel Chain and Low-Level Ionizing Radiation

Publisher:  Drs. R.F. Wollard and E.R. Young, Vancouver, Canada
Year Published:  1979
Pages:  67pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX2040

An annotated bibliography of resources on the nuclear fuel chain and its potential impacts on human health.

This extensive review arises from a need within the medical profession to respond in a preventative as well as a curative fashion, "We have to expand one of the dimensions of this profession - we must become guardians of health."

The booklet is an annotated bibliography of medical as well as some non-medical and controversial studies relating to the problems of radiation and the nuclear fuel chain. The work is not exhaustive and is intended to be corrected and updated over time.

The text is divided into seven major areas: (1) Uranium Mining, 54 sources, 1940-79; (2) Historical types of lung Cancer in Uranium Miners, 3 sources, 1971-78; (3) Ionizing Radiation in Non-Uranium Miners, 11 sources, 19623-75; (4) Workers' Compensation, 3 sources, 1968-76; (5) Occupational Cancer and Low-level Ionizing Radiation, 21 sources; (6) Low-level Ionizing Radiation, 128 sources, 1943-78, with emphasis on carcinogenesis (in general, and in relation to animal experiments and also plutonium), in utero, radiation treatments, lung fibrosis, irradiation and aging, linear hypothesis, and genetics; (7) The Nuclear Fuel Chain, 32 sources, 1965-78.

The review ends with a selection of 60 titles of films and publications available from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Subject Headings

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