Red cap terror at the moussaka line: West London ready-meal workers' report and leaflet

Date Written:  2017-01-25
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20333

Workplace report for WorkersWildWest no.5 and leaflet for future distribution. Main challenge will be the migrant status of workers - there have been various police raids in the plant - and the language and contract division.



We all heard about the scandal at the Sports Direct warehouse. The newspapers were outraged that people in the UK in 2016 were working in 'victorian workhouse' conditions. But the real scandal is that this is everywhere. Around here, in the warehouses and factories of west London, it is normal for managers to bully workers, to shout at us, steal our wages, cancel our shifts with hardly any notice, pay us peanuts, treat us like dirt. But there aren't any reporters sniffing around these streets…

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