The CIA in Ukraine

Dawson, Ryan

Publisher:  Dissident Voice
Date Written:  08/01/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20299

Edited excerpt from "The CIA as Organized Crime", by Douglas Valentine, detailing the CIA's activities in Ukraine and influence on political movements there.




The CIA plays a central but secret role in these schemes, doing the illegal but plausibly deniable things that require high tech espionage and underworld assets - reaching into a nation's secret police files or using private investigators to get dirt on people, then setting them up and blackmailing them. These kinds of subversion operations can't be done publicly by the likes of Biden or Jaresko or their PR people. Foreign shakedowns have to be done secretly through the criminal underworld, and that’s where the CIA comes into play.


US corporations need the CIA to help put these parallel governments in place. The CIA penetrates the military and security services, and simultaneously creates a civil base through deniable organizations like Centre for UA. This is how societies are ruled when there's no overwhelming popular support: through the ownership of property and by having the proper people in government and civic institutions. The CIA recruits people in place, someone like union leader Lech Walesa in Poland.

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