"Small really is beautiful", claims new report on England's farming

Hindess, Kathryn
Date Written:  2016-01-04
Publisher:  Ecologist
Year Published:  2016
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20230

A report on the benefits of small-scale farming practices in England, arguing that land size should not be used to exclude farms from receiving subsidies.



The report states: "It is unjustifiable for Defra to continue to discriminate against small farms in the allocation of subsidies and collection of farm data."

Instead, Miles King proposes a shift to supporting "small-scale sustainable farming which benefits nature", including paying landowners for the delivery of public goods to society. Public goods "are defined as things which benefit society but do not create a private profit".

Some public goods are: features making up the fabric of the landscape (like hedges, ponds and streams); the provision of clean water, flood prevention; healthy pollinator populations; carbon storage and sequestration; as well as "the many valuable yet intangible things nature provides to people - inspiration, joy, reflection, solace, emotional and spiritual experiences."

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