Conversation with a Hairdresser's Assistant

Reich, Wilhelm

Publisher:  Theory And Practice
Date Written:  01/01/1935
Year Published:  1935  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20185

An english translation of Reich's article of the same name from 1935, which demonstrates how Marxist principles might be explained without the use of political terms.




Assistant: Yes, but the business must make a surplus since the boss takes a great risk. For example, on some days there are fewer customers, or in bad times.
Customer: Does that mean that you get more when business is booming?
Assistant: No, why should I? I'm on a regular income.
Customer: I don't understand. When you work more you don't get paid more? And of the amount you earn on average for the boss keeps a fund for bad times?
Assistant: You're quite right.

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