Why Progressives Love the New Cold War
The anti-Russian hysteria coming from the left isn't surprising

Raimondo, Justin

Publisher:  Antiwar.com
Date Written:  24/10/2016
Year Published:  2016  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20144

The Clinton campaign's effort to turn the 2016 US election into a referendum on Vladimir Putin is causing some liberals to question how the tactic appears contradictory to Clinton's other goals and beliefs. Examining support for US war efforts since WWI shows the current Cold War tactics of Clinton have many precedents from liberal politicians.




The ideological underpinning of this nonsense is part and parcel of the American liberal canon, which valorizes World War II as the "good war" - a heroic struggle against fascism by the forces of progressivism and Goodness - which was only opposed by anti-Semitic cretins and Hitler apologists (a.k.a. "isolationist" conservatives). And it goes deeper than that, for progressivism is an ideology that seeks universal moral "uplift" - not only on the home front, but on a global scale.


Identity politics have long since trumped – if you'll pardon the expression – the traditional liberal pieties of opposition to unnecessary wars and mindless militarism. The smug self-righteousness of "humanitarian interventionism" having displaced "We ain't gonna study war no more," there are no effective obstacles to Hillary Clinton's war plans within the precincts of American liberalism. And she has history - the history of progressivism as secularized moral uplift - on her side.
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