Political correctness demands diversity in everything but thought

Blum, William
Date Written:  2016-08-01
Publisher:  williamblum.org
Year Published:  2016
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX19894

For 50 years I've been painstakingly cataloguing the brutal militarism and human-rights violations of US foreign policy, building up in the process a very loyal audience. To my great surprise, when I recently wrote about the brutal militarism and human-rights violations of the Islamic State, I received more criticism from my readers than I've gotten for anything I've ever written. Dozens of them asked to be removed from my mailing list, as many as I'd normally get in a full year. Others were convinced that it couldn’t actually be me who was the author of such words, that I must have been hacked. Some wondered whether my recent illness had affected my mind. Literally! And almost all of the Internet magazines which regularly print me did not do so with this article.

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