It's a Question of What Unites Us

Leonard, Tyson
Date Written:  2016-06-26
Publisher:  Vancouver Media Co-op
Year Published:  2016
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX19825

An interview with Harold Lavender on accountable structures, systemic change, and the peril and promise of alliances against gentrification.



The community organizations that don’t accept those policies, and provide a forum for organizing that allows for the participation of people in the community. They have to be really accountable structures. And there can be different kinds of structures. But we need to mobilize and be visible in the streets. Groups can do this in different ways, with some being more willing and able to use more confrontational and direct action tactics, such as organizing tent cities and occupations, et cetera. The main thing is still that there has to be some sort of accountability though.


The City (Vision Vancouver and city staff) sometimes tries a co-operative and consultative process like around the DTES Local Area Plan, but in the end imposes its own pro-gentrification agenda, with only minor mitigation, and ignores the needs of the low income community.

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