How to Overthrow the Illuminati

Cortez, Jason

Publisher:  Libcom
Date Written:  13/08/2013
Year Published:  2013  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX19818

This article explores the creation, migration and refutation of the Illuminati theory.

Abstract:  -


Elites invented Illuminati theory to explain challenges to their power, and today poor and working class people in the hood use it to explain our own oppression. We live in a society that blames individuals for failing to succeed. But people in the hood aren’t stupid: we know we aren’t to blame, and that there are outside forces preventing us from living with dignity. For this reason, conspiracy theories and urban legends have been a common feature of oppressed communities in the U.S, especially black communities, for decades.


The logical shortcomings of Illuminati theory are very convenient for many of its theorists. When it comes to fighting oppression, they can talk about it but they don’t have to be about it. What would these conspiracy theorists have said to U.S. slaves 150 years ago? That the white slavemaster was all-powerful? That he had duped the slaves into submission? That the slaves should stop having sex, be frugal, pray, and ignore the other slaves? They would have been the most conservative and cowardly people. That is what many Illuminati theorists are today, sad as it is to say.
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