What Gandhi Says
About Nonviolence, Resistance and Courage

Finkelstein, Norman G.
Date Written:  2012-06-01
Publisher:  OR Books
Year Published:  2012
Pages:  100pp   Price:  $10   ISBN:  978-1-935928-79-9
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX19791

If there has been widespread recognition of Gandhi's role in developing the tactics underpinning the revolutionary upsurges of the past year, few have stopped to examine what Gandhi actually said about the relationship between nonviolence, resistance and courage. Norman Finkelstein, drawing on extensive readings of Gandhi's copious oeuvre and intensive reflection on the way that progress might be made in the seemingly intractable impasse of the Middle East, here sets out in clear and concise language the basic principles of Gandhi's approach.

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