The Passion of Bradley Manning
The Story of the Suspect Behind the Largest Security Breach in U.S. History

Madar, Chase
Publisher:  OR Books
Date Written:  01/04/2012
Year Published:  2012  
Pages:  190pp   Price:  $15   ISBN:  978-1-935928-53-9
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX19782

In May 2010, an intelligence analyst in the US Army's 10th Mountain Division was arrested on suspicion of leaking nearly half a million classified government documents, including the infamous "Collateral Murder" gunsight video and 260,000 State Department cables. After nine months in solitary confinement, the suspect now awaits court-martial in Fort Leavenworth. He is twenty-four, comes from Crescent, Oklahoma and his name is Bradley Manning. Who is Private First Class Bradley Manning? Why did he allegedly commit the largest security breach in American history? Is Manning a traitor or a whistleblower?

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