The elites hate Momentum and the Corbynites - and I'll tell you why
The movement that backed the Labour leader challenges MPs and journalists alike - because it's about grassroots democracy

Graeber, David
Date Written:  2016-07-05
Publisher:  The Guardian
Year Published:  2016
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX19721

As the rolling catastrophe of what's already being called the "chicken coup" against the Labour leadership winds down, pretty much all the commentary has focused on the personal qualities, real or imagined, of the principal players. Yet such an approach misses out on almost everything that's really at stake here. The real battle is not over the personality of one man, or even a couple of hundred politicians. If the opposition to Jeremy Corbyn for the past nine months has been so fierce, and so bitter, it is because his existence as head of a major political party is an assault on the very notion that politics should be primarily about the personal qualities of politicians.

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