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Serge, Viktor
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Writings of Victor Serge (1890-1947).



June 1908 The Illegals

February 1909 Anarchists - Bandits

February 1910 Our Anti-Syndicalism

April 1910 The Revolutionary Illusion

June 1911 The Individualist and society

June 1911 An Honest Gentleman

January 1912 The Bandits

January 1912 Expedients

February 1912 On the Bonnot Affair

January 1912 On the Bonnot Affair

April 1912 Two Lectures

January 1913 Egoism

March 1917 Letter to Emile Armand

May 1919 Frame of mind of the French proletariat

July 1919 Machine Gun (poem)

1920/21 Flame on the Snow (prose)

1923 Observations in Germany

April 1923 Five Years’ Struggle

Mar./Apr. 1924 Lenin in 1917

1926 What everyone should know about repression

Aug. 1926 New Aspects of the Problem of War

Feb. 1927 Bolshevism and Asia

1927/28 The Class Struggle in the Chinese Revolution (5 letters):
First Letter: The Class Struggle in the Chinese Revolution
Second Letter: The Communist Task
Third Letter: The Strength of the Agrarian Revolution – The Red Spears
Fourth Letter: The Outcome of an Experience of Class Collaboration
Fifth Letter

Early 1928 Canton, December 1927 (as Paul Sizoff)

1926-1929 Year One of the Russian Revolution
(Alternative translation of extracts)

1930 Hail the Red Army! (extract from Year One of the Russian Revolution)

1932 Conquered City (novel)

1935 Notes on Russia

1936 Open Letter to André Gide

10 August 1936 Letter to Trotsky

13 August 1936 Letter to Andres Nin

14 August 1936 Letter to Trotsky

29 August 1936 The Death of Ivan Nikitich Smirnov

7-8 November 1936 November 7, 1917

6-7 March 1937 Twenty Years Ago

13 August 1937 Farewell to Andres Nin

December 1937 Portraying the men and events of our times

1938 Marxism in Our Time

1938 Secrecy and Revolution

1938 Twice Met

February 1938 Obituary: Leon Sedov

28 April 1938 Once More: Kronstadt

October 1938 Kronstadt: Trotsky’s Defense. Response to Trotsky

1939 A Letter and Some Notes

1938 Excerpts from the 'Notebooks'

1944 A New International

1944 The Jewish Question

1944/45 Planned Economies and Democracy

1945 In a time of duplicity

July 1945 Recollections of Maxim Gorki

1945 On the French Anarchists

1945 On Second Congress of Comintern

1945 Kronstadt ’21

1945 On Third Congress of Comintern

Letter to René Lefeuvre

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