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Roy, M.N.
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Writings of M.N. Roy (1887-1954).



Hunger and Revolution in India (September 18, 1919)

Hunger and Revolution in India II (September 25, 1919)

The Awakening of the East (July 15, 1920)

India in a Transition Stage (December 1921)

The Liberalism of the British Labour Party (June 3, 1922)

The Empire and the Revolution (October 1922)

Letter to Singaravelu Chettiar, Madras (November 1922)

On Intellectuals (November 10, 1922)

On Economic Determinism (November 10, 1922)

On Rallying the Masses (November 10, 1922)

Letter to Singaravelu Chettiar (November 1922)

On Trade Unionism (November 20, 1922)

To the All India National Congress, Gaya, India (December 1922)

A Programme for the Indian National Congress (December 1922)

Anti-Imperialist Struggle in India (1923)

Manifesto to the Delegates of the XXXVI Indian National Congress (January 1923)

Legal Murder in India (February 3, 1923)

On the Gaya Congress (February 15,1923)

On the Basis of a Revolutionary Party (March 8,1923)

Letter to the Hindustan Press, Bombay (May 1923)

On Students and the National Struggle (May 10, 1923)

Letter to Singaravelu Chettiar (June 1923)

On Patriotism (May 10, 1923)

On Organization and Programme (July 23, 1923)

On the Duty of Revolutionary Intellectuals (August 15, 1923)

Bourgeois Nationalism (August 15, 1923)

Good Criticism but Bad Programme (September 1, 1923)

On Non-Violence and the Masses (November 10, 1923)

The New Trend of Indian Nationalism (February 1924)

Letter to Ramsay Macdonald (February 1924)

Introduction to Political Letters (March 1924)

India and The British Labour Government (April 1924)

The 2nd International & the Doctrine of Self–Determination (1924)

Reconstructing Europe (December 1924)

Against British Capitalism in Egypt (1925), Eastern Bureau of the Comintern

Letter to Velayudham (January 1925)

Letter to Singaravelu (January 1925)

The Empire and the Proletariat (January 1925)

Some Questions for J. R. Clynes (March 1925)

Who Will Lead? Class Differentiation in the Indian Revolutionary Movement (1925)

New Economic Policy of British Imperialism (1925)

Letter to Henk Sneevliet (1926)

The Lessons of the Chinese Revolution (1927)

Socialism and the Empire (February 1928)

Struggle of the Chinese Workers and Peasants (March 1928)

The Colonial Policy of the L.S.I. (September 1928)

The Future of the Empire (November 1928)

The Indian Bourgeoisie and the National Revolution (March 1929)

Historical Role of Islam: An Essay on Islamic Culture (1939)

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