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Miliband, Ralph
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Writings of Ralph Miliband (1924-1994).



Ralph Miliband, Socialist Intellectual, 1924-1994, by Leo Panitch

Ralph Miliband: A Select Bibliography in English

Winter 1958 Who Governs Britain? (book review)

Summer 1958 The Politics of Contemporary Capitalism

Autumn 1958 The Transition to the Transition

Summer 1959 The Yugoslav Programme (book review)

Autumn 1959 Power at the Top (book review)

1964 Socialism and the Myth of the Golden Past

January 1964 Labour Policy and the Labour Left (with John Saville)

1965 Marx and the State

January 1965 What Does the Left Want?

January 1966 The Labour Government and Beyond

February 1967 Vietnam and Western Socialism

1968 Professor Galbraith and American Capitalism (extended review article)

1970 Lenin’s The State and Revolution

1973 Stalin and After (extended review article) (with Alan Howkins)

October 1973 The Coup in Chile

1975 Political Forms and Historical Materialism (extended review article)

1976 Moving On

1978 Constitutionalism and Revolution (extended review article)

July 1979 A Commentary on Rudolf Bahro’s Alternative (extended review article)

1980 Military Intervention and Socialist Internationalism

1982 Ruth First (obituary)

1983 Socialist Advance in Britain

1984 Reflections on Anti-Communism (with Marcel Liebman)

1985 Beyond Social Democracy (with Marcel Liebman)

1987 Freedom, Democracy and the American Alliance

1987 Socialists and the ‘New Conservatism’ (with Leo Panitch)

1988 Problems and Promise of Socialist Renewal (with John Saville & Leo Panitch)

1990 Counter-Hegemonic Struggles

1991 What Comes After Communist Regimes?

1992 The New World Order and the Socialist Agenda (with Leo Panitch)

1994 Thirty Years of The Socialist Register

1995 Harold Laski’s Socialism

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