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Hekmat, Mansoor
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Writings of Mansoor Hekmat (1951-2002).



The Iranian Revolution and the Role of the Proletariat (Theses), 1978
The Invasion of the Iraqi Regime and Our Tasks, September 1980
About the Manifesto “The Invasion of The Iraqi Regime and Our Tasks”, September 1980
The State in Revolutionary Periods, November 1985
The Experience of Workers’ Revolution in the Soviet Union, December 1986
Left Nationalism and Working Class Communism, 1987
The International Situation and State of Communism [Abridged], December 1988
Interview about Worker-communism Autumn 1989
Developments in Eastern Europe and Prospects for Worker-socialism, May 1990
The Gory Dawn of the New World Order, February 1991
End of the Cold War and Prospects for Worker-socialism, October 1991
About the Crisis in the Middle East, October 1991
Marxism and the World Today, February 1992
Fundamental Characteristics of The Worker-communist Party, May 1992
Democracy: Interpretations and Realities, July 1993
Woman in life and death, April 1994
Mujahed’s Forbidden Dreams, September 1994
A Better World, July 1994
Islamic Terrorism, September 1994
The History of the Undefeated, 1995
Federalism is a Reactionary Slogan, June 1996
In Defence of the Prohibition of the Islamic Veil for Children, June 1997
The main problem with Israel is that it is based on religion, January 1999
Islam and De-Islamisation, January 1999
Iran will be the Scene of a Mass Anti-Islamic Offensive, June 1999
Religion is Part of the 'Lumpenism' in Society, June 1999
Children First: International Campaign for Children’s Rights, November 1999
June 20, 1981: One of the Greatest Crimes of the 20th Century, June 2000
The Distinct Position of the Worker-Communist Party, June 2000
Capital Punishment: most deplorable form of deliberate murder, November 2000
The Rise and Fall of Political Islam, 2001
The Obvious Lessons of Berlin, January 2001
A Week of Anxiety, February 2001
A Light at the End of the Tunnel, February 2001
New Year Message to the People of Iran, March 2001
Islamic Republic without Khatami, March 2001
‘Election Day:’ A Day of Protest, June 2001
Interview on Iran after the ‘Elections’, June 2001
A Discussion on the Opposition’s Unity, August 2001
Ending Terrorism is our Task, September 2001
The World After September 11, November 2001

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