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Glaberman, Martin
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Writings of Martin Glaberman (1918-2001).



Aug. 1947 Strata in the Working Class

Summer 1965 Introduction to 'Destruction of a Workers Paper' by CLR James

Summer 1965 'Be his payment high or low': The American Working Class in the Sixties

Winter 1965/66 Ghetto Riots in the USA

Summer 1966 On the Giant’s Shoulders (book review)

Winter 1966/67 The East Is Red (book review)

January 1967 Upheaval in China

June 1967 The United States and the Russian Revolution

Jan. 1968 Nkrumah’s Sponsors (letter)

June/July 1968 On Balance: The French Events

April 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr

April 1968 Regis Debray: Revolution Without a Revolution

July 1968 Indonesian Communism: The First Stage

1969 Black Cats, White Cats, Wildcats: Auto Workers in Detroit

Apr./May 1969 The Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement

Nov./Dec. 1972 Unions vs. Workers in the Seventies: The Rise of Militancy in the Auto Industry

Nov./Dec. 1973 The American Working Class in Historical Perspective (book review)

Feb. 1974 False Promises: A Review (book review)

Sept. 1974 Marxist Views of the Working Class

1975 The Working Class and Social Change (pamphlet)

Apr. 1980 Terror in Italy (letter)

1994 Wildcat I (poem)

1996 Walter Reuther, 'Social Unionist' (book review)

1997 A Different Sort of Democracy

1997 'Workers have to deal with their own reality and that transforms them'

1999 Working For Wages: The Roots Of Insurgency (extract) (with Seymour Faber)

2000 Back To The Future: The Continuing Relevance of Marx (with Seymour Faber)

2000 Revolutionary Optimist (interview)

Oct. 2001 Letter to Discussion Bulletin (letter)

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