Deutscher, Isaac - Writings - Index

Deutscher, Isaac
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Trotsky on Stalin, July 1948

Marx and Russia, November 1948

Soviet Trade Unions: Their Place in Soviet Labour Policy, 1950

Two Revolutions, 1950

The Ex-Communist's Conscience, 1950

A Useful Bogeyman, May 1950

Stalin, Mao and Korea, August 1950

Stalin Talks At Last, September 1950

Has Stalin ‘Stopped’ at the Middle East?, October 1950

What Russia Is After, November 1950

Mid-Century Russia, 1951

‘Socialist Competition’, April 1952

Moscow: Behind The Outstretched Han, June 1952

The Tragic Life of a Polrugarian Minister, July 1952

Russia After Stalin, 1953

Stalin’s Last Word, 1953

Post-Stalinist Ferment of Ideas, November 1954

A Reply to Critics, 1954

Mr E H Carr as Historian of the Bolshevik Regime, 1955

1984 – The Mysticism of Cruelty, 1955

Khrushchev on Stalin, 1956

Message of the Non-Jewish Jew, September 1958

The Irony of History in Stalinism, 1958

Lenin’s Last Dilemma, April 1959

Roots of Bureaucracy, 1960

Pasternak and the Calendar of the Revolutiony, 1961

Preface to Marcel Liebman, The Russian Revolution, 1962

Maoism – Its Origins and Outlook, 1964

Introduction to The Age of Permanent Revolution: A Trotsky Anthology, 1964

The Failure of Khrushchevism, 1965

Marxism in Our Time, 1965

Deutscher on the Chinese “Cultural Revolution” 1966

Ideological Trends in the USSR, April 1967

Roots of Bureaucracy, 1969

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