The Vancouver Declaration on Human Settlements
With introductory comment by Bernard M. Daly

Publisher:  Canadian Catholic Conference, Ottawa, Canada
Year Published:  1976
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX185

Final text of the declaration, with comments on the parts the Canadian delegation opposed.

This issue presents the final text of the Vancouver Declaration on Human Settlement, with an introductory comment by Bernard M. Daly. A member of the Canadian Catholic Conference, Mr. Daly was co-ordinator of the monitoring team of representatives of Canadian non-government organizations who followed the activities of the official Canadian delegation at the Vancouver Habitat conference. The Declaration was adopted by 89 votes to 15, with 10 abstentions. Canada was opposed along with the group of Western European and other States. The Canadian Representative (Hon. Ron Basford) said his delegation voted against the Declaration with regret because it could not accept the reference to zionism which it interpreted as a form of racism. However, during the debate on the Declaration, the Canadian delegation objected to, and argued against many other paragraphs. The final text of the Declaration is presented with certain paragraphs italicized. These highlight what the Canadian delegation identified as objectionable in the Group of 77 less developed countries' initial draft. The section which Canada found objectionable were those with reference to: a New International Economic Order; rights of sovereignty over resources and foreign investment; the illegality of settling by force; relocating people from their homeland; rights of displaced people and safeguarding heritage; racism and disarmament.

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