Abbey, Edward
Publisher:  Harper's
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX18354

Most of the public lands in the West, and especially in the Southwest, are what you might call "cowburnt." Almost anywhere and everywhere you go in the American West you find hordes of these ugly, clumsy, stupid, bawling, stinking, flycovered, shit-smeared, disease-spreading brutes. They are a pest and a plague. they pollute our springs and streams and rivers. they infest our canyons, valleys, meadows, and forests. They graze off the native bluestem and grama and bunchgrasses, leaving behind jungles of prickly pear. They trample down the native forbs and shrubs and cactus. They spread the exotic cheatgrass, the Russian thistle, and the crested wheatgrass. Weeds.

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