The Useful Altruists: How NGOs Serve Capitalism and Imperialism

McMillan, Stephanie; Kelley, Vincent
Date Written:  2015-10-20
Publisher:  CounterPunch
Year Published:  2015
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX18213

NGOs are far from revolutionary organizations, but many of us would think that their work still seems more helpful than not. Political differences with them aside, it seems dogmatic to denounce free health care and anti-poverty programs. Short of more radical measures, NGOs seem to serve an important interim function. In fact, though, it can be argued that many NGOs are destructive, both in their current work and in their preclusion of an alternative future beyond the capitalist present. They undermine, divert, and replace autonomous organizing and erase working class struggle and organizing.

Subject Headings

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