Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs. Them

Choudhury, Shakil
Publisher:  Between the Lines
Date Written:  20/09/2015
Year Published:  2015  
Pages:  224pp   ISBN:  978-1771130257
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX18031

Deep Diversity explores how the interactions with individuals different from us are strongly influenced by things happening below the radar of awareness. Choudhury argues that "us vs. them" is an unfortunate but normal part of the human experience due to reasons of both nature and nurture.

Abstract:  Preface
Chapter 1 The Four Pillars of Deep Diversity
Chapter 2 Emotions: Understanding Ourselves and Others
Chapter 3 Bias: Prejudice without Awareness
Chapter 4 Tribes: Belonging Drives Human Behaviour
Chapter 5 Power: The Dividing Force
Chapter 6 Power Part 2: This Time It’s Personal
Chapter 7 Deep Diversity: Bringing It All Together

Subject Headings

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