What is Stephen Harper doing to Canada? How can we stop him?

Date Written:  2015-09-13
Year Published:  2015
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX17842

The Harper regime has had a toxic effect on Canada. The wealthy are better off, but most Canadians are worse off, and rights and freedoms, democracy, access to information, and science have suffered. How can we stop him? Here is a factsheet which can be downloaded, printed, and distributed as a two-sided flyer.



Is putting all your eggs in one basket a smart economic strategy?
What kind of future?
Where are the jobs? Why is youth unemployment so high?
Are you better off?
Easing up on wealthy tax cheats
Is this reponsible government?
The end of medicare?
Do we want to live in a police state?
Contempt for Parliament
Contempt for democracy
Integrity in public life?
What can you do?

Subject Headings

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