A Troublemaker's Handbook 2

Slaughter, Jane (ed.)
Publisher:  Labor Notes
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX17287

A manual for workers who want to take control over their lives at work. In hundreds of first-person accounts, workers tell in their own words how they organized and struggled to do that.

Contents include:

Shop Floor Tactics
Creative Tactics
Fighting Discrimination
Saving Good Jobs: Fighting Lean Production and Outsourcing
Contract Campaigns
Inside Strategies
Contract Campaigns
Alliances in the Community-Single Issue Campaigns
Alliances in the Community-Ongoing Multi-Issue Coalitions
Union Solidarity
Corporate Campaigns
Developing New Leadership
Bringing Immigrants into the Movement
Reform Caucuses and Running for Office
Running Your Local and Strategic Planning
International Solidarity
Dealing with the Media

Subject Headings

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