Building Economic Alternatives

Moffatt, Gary
Year Published:  1992
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX16794

Moffatt outlines many currently practiced methods of creating an alternative economy.



we must ask ourselves what will happen when the environment starts to collapse. The rich will survive by retreating to the best pieces of land with private armies to protect them from the starving masses. For the rest of us, the best hope lies in developing the sort of co-operative, small-scale economy thinkers like Shumacher envisioned. This will require considerable change in our thinking processes, since from our earliest experiences in family, playground and school our entire socialization process encourages us to be aggressive, self-centered and competitive; many co-operative experiments failed in the sixties because those taking part were unable to surmount this conditioning. Fortunately, some of the economic experiments have survived and developed tools which other groups can use.

Subject Headings

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