The Liberator Files
Selections from The Liberator, William Lloyd Garrison's Abolitionist Newspaper
Publisher:  Garrison, William Lloyd
Resource Type:  Website
Cx Number:  CX16728

The Liberator was a Boston-based Abolitionist newspaper, published by William Lloyd Garrison from 1831 to 1865.

This is a collection of items which appear in THE LIBERATOR, a Boston-based Abolitionist newspaper, published under the editorship of William Lloyd Garrison, who lived from 1805–1879.

The assembled items represent only a tiny portion of what appeared in the 1,803 editions of the paper, published weekly from 1831-1865. They have been gathered here for the Boston African American National Historic Site, by National Park Ranger Horace Seldon, under the guidance of the Site Manager, Kenneth Heidelberg, and Supervisory Ranger, Bernadette Williams. The source of the collection has been Garrison’s copies of THE LIBERATOR., access to which has been granted and facilitated by Roberta Zonghi, Keeper, of the Boston Public Library, Rare Books.

Subject Headings

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