The Politics of Impatience: An open letter from anarchists to the anarchist movement
Year Published:  2010
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX16681

Militancy and dramatic tactics require trust, and trust is built by humbly listening to people who have their own ideas and plans for their liberation. It is now more than ever, exactly because of the urgency of the crisis created by capitalism, that we need to be careful that our actions are as respectful, strategic, and collectively discussed and agreed-on as possible.



A movement that stands for childcare, healthcare, and education for everyone means more to most people than slogans shouted by those who are 'pushed by the violence of our desires' to act as individuals. A statement with that phrase as its title, written by some folks involved in the altercation at Hunter, claims, 'We do not need the "consent of the people."' But militant direct action needs to take place within the context of a movement, not outside of it. To single-handedly declare that a protest is not radical enough without participating in the democratic processes of the movement is vanguardist. It's ironic-and tragic-when it comes from anarchists. When we want to occupy, let's reach out to those who might want to occupy too, so there's a chance they might occupy with us.

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