Gaza, Israel and 'Human Shields'
The People Putting Innocents in Danger are the Israelis

Gillespie, Sarah
Date Written:  2014-07-27
Year Published:  2014
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX16617

What does it mean to use human shields? Employed by the Germans and Japanese in the Second World War, the tactic is premised on an underlying trust in your enemy’s humanity. It appeals to the compassion and mercy of the combatant that they not slaughter the innocent in order to avenge their target. The ‘shield’ is not the human bodies surrounding the ‘guilty’ party, the shield is the clemency that mankind instinctively affords the innocent. The shield evaporates only when confronted by an enemy who is not merely a fellow solder locked in a power battle, but a psychopath unconcerned with the pain of others.

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