Canada's journalists cowed into silence while colleagues die in Gaza
Date Written:  2014-07-31
Publisher:  ipolitics
Year Published:  2014
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX16605

Rami Rayan, a young Palestinian photojournalist, was the latest reporter to be killed. He was among at least 16 people reportedly killed after an Israeli air strike on a crowded market during a supposed four-hour "truce." The Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ), which claims to be "the national voice of Canadian journalists", has been noticeably silent. If you check the CAJ's website you won't find so much as a perfunctory statement denouncing the killing of their colleagues in Gaza. Instead, the top item on its website is a story written by members of the association's 'ethics' committee about that old saw: reporters getting too close to their sources.

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