The Punishment of Gaza

Levy, Gideon
Publisher:  Verso
Year Published:  2010
Pages:  148pp   ISBN:  978-1-84467-601-9
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX16503

An account of Israel's criminal treatment of Gaza.


Table of Contents


Part I: 2006
1 A Just Boycott
2 Collateral Damage
3 "Quiet: We're Shooting"
4 The Wahbas' Last Meal
5 Who Started It?
6 Gaza's Darkness

Part II: 2007
7 The Little Ahmadinejads
8 A War on Children
9 The Children of 5767
10 Puppet Leader
11 Wanted: Israeli Journalists in Gaza

Part III: 2008
12 The Lights Have All Been Turned Off
13 A Minister of War
14 With Friends Like These
15 A Conditional EU Upgrade
16 Caterpillar Fashion
17 Neither Officer Nor Gentleman
18 "The Ebb, the Tide, the Sighs"
19 Obama Shall Not Be Israel's Friend
20 Talk with Hamas
21 The Neighborhood Bully Strikes Again
22 Making Monsters of Our Finest Young Men

Part IV: 2009
23 And There Lie the Bodies
24 A Different Patriotism
25 The Time of the Righteous
26 My Hero of the Gaza War
27 When the Guns Fall Silent
28 Child's Play
29 Thirsting for Blood and Vengeance
30 War By Any Other Name
31 An Open Response to A.B. Yehoshua
32 We've Won Nothing, Lost Everything
33 No Moderates Left
34 The Silence of the Jurists
35 Waltz with Bashir Is Propaganda
36 "They Told Me Daddy Died"
37 Nothing But Lies
38 A New Consensus
39 The Most Moral Army in the World
40 Another Wonderful Summer


Subject Headings

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